For customers who are either thinking of buying ready-made kitchen units, or have their own cabinetmaker in mind, we offer a fully professional design service. In other words - if you just want your kitchen planned, we can help.

Chris Eckersley has had decades of experience in quality kitchen design dating back to freelance work with Wrighton International in the 1980s. Most kitchen suppliers offer 'free' design, but is it really free, and is it really impartial? And is the 'designer' a qualified professional? For a modest sum* Chris will discuss your requirements fully, your style, your space, and your budget, and will provide initial sketches followed by scale drawings. Just click on design in the menu for feedback from a recent customer on our design service.

Kitchen design is more than just planning out what will fit in; consideration of customers' lifestyle and the architectural style of the building can be just as important as the practicalities of the refrigerator-sink-cooker relationship. Over the years Chris has worked with craftsmen in wood, stone, granite, polyester, and laminate, and has a wide knowledge and appreciation of materials.

* The cost of our planning service for an average size kitchen is £375 plus travel expenses.

Our bespoke planning service is particularly useful in helping with kitchens which are an odd shape, have too many doors, are ill-proportioned, etc - all these factors can be taken into account in planning the new design.

Rooms which are too long and narrow can often be improved placing cabinets to create a better sense of space. Visual factors such as this are just as important to a successful design as plumbing and electrics.
Whatever your needs - whether it's a kitchen for a small flat, a cottage, a town house, or for a stately home - we have the ability and experience to help you acheive a stunning yet practical scheme. And the cost of a professional design is usually more than balanced by the savings made by an independent survey.