Our fitted furniture is hand-made by Hill-Top Joinery, Alan Minchin's workshop near Stow on the Wold.

Alan : 'What surprises a lot of people when they visit the workshop is that we really do make individual cabinets for each job. So, for instance, whereas most joinery firms will make a series of "units" which are then fitted into place on site with any remaining gap taken up by an "infil" - we will often make a cabinet two metres or more long, to fit exactly the space available. We simply don't have "standard sizes"; we make everything from scratch to the size it needs to be.'

As regards materials and finish, everything is made to clients' individual specifications. Often this includes a veneered cabinet interior (we're not really into melamine), handmade drawers, hardwood front frames and doors, solid drawn butt hinges for traditional work, or self-close concealed hinges for modern. We have a spray shop on site for priming, undercoating and top coating, either as a base for hand-painting, or as a clear top polish for timber finishes.

If we can't make something ourselves, we will know someone who can. Our network of independent specialists includes : veneer-layers, laminators, wood-turners, steam-benders, chair-makers, master carvers, polyester finishers, metal fabricators, specialist painters, and expert polishers. Our attitude is : tell us what you want and we'll sort it; we won't make a fuss. we'll just get on with it.

Enquiries for manufacture only are welcomed (ie if you already have your project designed and drawn up).