We firmly believe that many of the problems often encountered at the installation stage of a job can be minimised or eliminated by professional management of the project.

For every one of our jobs we work out a realistic plan in the form of a timetable of events, which is agreed in advance with the client, and also with the other trades or subcontractors. As far as possible we then try and stick to this plan, and in fact most of our clients have commented on how this has helped the job to run smoothly. We were very pleased when a client who had had her whole house renovated said : 'You are the only people who have done what you said you were going to do, and when you said you were going to do it!'

The man on site and main hands-on fitter will always be Alan, backed up by an assistant from the workshop. Therefore you can rely on the fact that one of us will be personally overseeing your installation from start to finish. We also do everything possible to ensure that when the job is ‘finished’ it really is finished - no-one wants to wait another three weeks for the fitter to come back with a missing panel. During the installation Chris will make site visits to check on progress, and to talk through any design issues that may have arisen.

As regards plumbing, gas, and electrics - we can arrange this for you and we can fit these trades into our installation plan. Our view is that it is always better to use tradesmen who are local to the job, for the simple reason that if the power suddenly goes off on Christmas Eve you need someone who is nearby. Therefore if you have a tried-and-tested local plumber or electrician we would always suggest that we work with them; if you don’t know anyone then we will research this for you and find the best recommended person for the job in your area.